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What DCG's Partner Finder Brings to the Software Market

By Venus Tamturk and Laura Myers

The importance of having the right technology in place is hard to overestimate. That being said, no matter how stellar the technology chosen is, at the end of the day, it is inanimate because what actually breathes life into it are people and process. Whether you are in the market to buy a new content management system or a brand new CRM solution, as much as it is critical, selecting the right software is only part of the equation. From finding the right implementation partner to employing the right employees with the right skillsets, there are numerous moving parts that contribute to the ultimate success of your deployment. Read more >



Digital Clarity Group

Assessing and Selecting Digital Partners: A Framework

By Scott Liewehr

Organizations typically invest a great deal of time and effort selecting the right technology but very little selecting the right partner for implementation. In our experience, this is a huge mistake. Based on the early trends emerging from our recent research on the subject, it is one of the core reasons why so many end up dissatisfied with their implementation.

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