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Partner Name Partner Type Scope HQ VOCalis Awards
SingleStone Digital Agency, Systems Integrator National, Regional Glen Allen
Perficient Digital Digital Agency, Systems Integrator Global Saint Louis
Propeller Digital Agency Global London
Radio Tower Digital Digital Agency, Management Consultant Global, National, Regional, Local Minneapolis
Team One Digital Agency, Creative / Ad Agency Global, National Los Angeles
Crafted Digital Agency Global Ipswich
WebiMax Digital Agency Global Camden
4Hilton Inc. Digital Agency, Systems Integrator Global, National, Regional, Local San Diego
Inorbital. Digital Agency Global Toronto
Quba Digital Agency National Sheffield UK
Brick Digital Digital Agency Global Aurora
NMQ Digital Digital Agency Global, National, Regional, Local Amsterdam
Discover IT (UK) Limited Digital Agency, Systems Integrator Global, National, Regional, Local Bradfield Southend
Stage Two Digital Agency, Systems Integrator Global, National Manchester
Kehren Development Digital Agency, Systems Integrator National Sparta
BizStream Systems Integrator National Allendale
diva-e Digital Value Excellence Digital Agency, Systems Integrator Unknown/Unspecified Berlin
i3 Digital Digital Agency Global London
Lybe Digital Agency Global, National, Regional, Local Stockholm
Dept Digital Agency Global Amsterdam