FAQ for Digital Partners

What is the Digital Clarity Group Partner Finder?

The Partner Finder is an online tool for buyers seeking information about digital partners (agencies and integrators) that can enable the success of their digital initiatives.


Who uses the Partner Finder and how?

Anyone can search for digital partners on Partner Finder for free and without any registration requirements. They can search for and filter partners by key criteria, such as product expertise, competencies, industry vertical expertise, location, and so on. Buyers can view partner profiles and create short lists of digital partners for selections. They can initiate requests to be contacted by a partner from within the Partner Finder, streamlining their information gathering by eliminating the need to visit multiple partner websites. They can also view and submit feedback about the partners (via DCG's VOCalis program -- a Voice of Customer survey and data compilation pertaining to digital partners).


How do digital partners participate?

DCG invites agencies and consultancies to create and maintain a Partner Finder profile on a self-service basis. The qualifications are simple. The digital partner should have capabilities, competencies, and expertise that are relevant to buyers’ digital initiatives, including content management, digital marketing, marketing automation, eCommerce, customer relationship management, and similar technologies and practices. Adding and maintaining a Basic Profile is free, while Premium profiles cost $700 per year. Benefits of Premium Profiles include the ability to be found by additional fields such as industry vertical expertise, as well as the inclusion of additional information in the profile, such as the firm's History, Project Approach, Value Proposition, Work Samples, and Client Testimonials. Premium Profiles also include lead capture. Read more about the differences between Basic and Premium profiles here, or go here to select a plan.


How are digital partners sorted on the search results?

The sort order of the search system prioritizes two things: 1) premium partners, 2) the partners' VOCalis score based on voice-of-customer feedback, and 3) the popularity of the profiles based on visits / traffic to the profile pages in the last 30 days. While the VOCalis scores are not shown on the profiles, they are based on the surveys received by customers, accessible from the top of each profile. Partners should encourage their customers to provide feedback in this means. NOTE: a partner with negative feedback is still prioritized over a partner with no feedback.


What are the benefits of posting a profile?

Access to buyers, visibility, positioning with major competitors, and leads. It takes less than 30 minutes to set up a Partner Finder profile, even less to maintain on an ongoing basis. What’s not to love?


What’s involved in posting a partner profile in DCG’s Partner Finder database?

Profile development is self-service. You can find an overview of the process here. A partner representative starts the process by registering a Partner Finder login.  Profile development is a step-by-step process of entering information online. Fields are self-explanatory (hopefully!), and in-context help is available. The partner representative saves the profile and can make as many changes as s/he wishes. Once ready, the partner should email DCG to request a review and first publish. DCG Partner Finder experts will contact the partner representative if there are questions or if we have suggestions about improving the profile. Once DCG publishes the profiles the first time, all future changes by the partner will publish immediately. Partners can login to update their profiles information at any time. Each profile can have only a single point-of-contact / representative for now; one login is created per partner. The login can be shared internally within the firm.


Is there a fee for posting a Partner Finder Profile?

There is no fee for posting a Basic Profile. Premium Profiles are $700 per year. Benefits of Premium Profiles include 1) lead capture, 2) prioritization in the search results, 3) the ability to be found by additional filter fields such as industry vertical expertise, competencies, etc., and 4) the inclusion of additional information in the profile, such as the Client Testimonials, Work Samples / Case Studies, the firm's History, Project Approach, and Value Proposition, etc.


Do buyers / brands pay to access the Partner Finder?

Buyers / brands do not pay a fee to use the Partner Finder. 


How does the Partner Finder lead benefit work?

Each Premium profile has a call-to-action button that allows buyers to request to be contacted by the partner. When a request is received, the DCG team will forward an email with the subscriber’s contact information to the partner representative for that firm (that is, the individual who owns the single-point-of-contact login).