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20 years of building complex internet applications into simple online solutions.

Our purpose is to help organisations and businesses improve and discover their use of ‘Information Technology’ (the "IT" in Discover IT). Our special focus is connecting businesses with the Internet - designing, developing and hosting Web Sites, and building Web business applications.

We work with you to build a Website or Web business application that meets your exact business requirements and delivers real business benefits by, for example:

  • Eliminating redundant processes
  • Removing costs
  • Expanding customer "reach"
  • Improving customer service and responsiveness
  • Making your business more accessible to your customers and Agents
  • . . . and engineering effective new ways of doing business.

Whether you have 10 products to sell, or 10,000, and whether you are selling to other businesses or to consumers, we can work with you to explore new ways to do business or to improve your existing business processes.

Our talented team of developers and designers have built hundreds of websites and web applications for our clients and have many successful long-term relationships.

Read more about us or give us a call. We are happy to talk.

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1st Floor Elmwood, Southend Road
RG7 6EU Bradfield Southend
United Kingdom